WOW!!! i thought your hair was pretty in the first pic hehe, but now, absolutely beautiful!
if you dont mind me asking, what do you mean using them properly? i have all of the deva products and they're ok. so now im wondering if maybe it's the way i'm using them...tia!
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Thank you! The first pic was normal shampoo w/the usual sulfates. What do I mean by using them properly.... First, I wasn't co-washing when I bought my Deva stuff. I was following my normal, old routine: wash twice with shampoo, squeeze out water w/towel, apply conditioner (soaking hair with it), comb through, and leave on for remainder of shower. Rinse just before getting out. Pile on top of head in a towel.

Now I (1) don't use a towel for anything but my body (lol) - I use either a microfiber towel, hand-dry hair gloves (LOVE them), a pillow case, or a cotton tee shirt, (2) I don't squeeze out all the water anymore (because I don't have a NEED to if I'm conditioning properly, (3) I use more Deva products than I was back then - I tried using AnGEL (alone) and no leave-in and my hair was crunchy AND frizzy (figure that one out!).

So, my whole process back then was based on my old routine rather than knowing how to work with layering products. (I never did that before - I used to use HETT Mousse all the time and that was IT.) This time, I followed Rudeechick's routine from her SuperSoaker video except I used whatever products I had on hand (which happened to be Deva products). It used more products than I was used to. But, my hair came out a LOT better.

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