Seriously - I agree Iazywaves!

Eastcostwaves has totally described where I want to be with my hair! I have hair really close to what Mip described... curly at the temples, with waves and no consistant curl at the back. Underneath, my hair is almost completely straight - I would say a really healthy 2a section at the nape of my neck. I went through a "product junkie" phase right when I joined this site a couple months ago. I wanted to try all these products... but I think all that stuff is just too heavy for my hair. As I wrote about in my curly-blog, I am now just in search of a gentle shampoo. I use Biolage for conditioning and then follow-up with Boots Curling Cream. It works well on all my different hair types on my head... with great hold and clumping, yet allows my hair to move and be itself.

Thanks so much for starting this post! I think people consider me as a curly-girl, even though I am realizing I am more of a wavie. Either way, I am starting to love what God gave me and be thankful for all the interesting curls/waves on my head!
2c with some 3a thrown in for fun!