Hugs to you from me, too. I also have the "dime" ponytail. Thyroid issue in my case (autoimmune).
Autoimmune disease just sucks. Once one area goes wonky, it's a matter of time for something else to break down.

I have one niece that's totally bald (alopecia universalis), and when my hair started thinning some years ago, i was so worried I'd end up hairless.
Poor girl!

So, I'm grateful from every strand that stays put!
Agreed! It could be worse.

Go for volume to disguise the thinning. Very defined curls/clumps just makes the thinness look more obvious.

That's what I've been doing.. even then I have a couple bare spots.
And I hope the Rogaine works for you. I have not gone that route yet (still early in using the biotin internally and MSM/rosemary/sage on scalp).
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What's this about MSM/rosemary/sage on the scalp?