I love Phantom...that's where my boardname comes from
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I thought so! Every time I see one of your posts, I can't help but hear "Can it be? Can it be Christine? Bravo!" etc! I saw Phantom on B'way in November with Howard McGillin....what an amazing voice. They should have cast him in the movie, except he's about fifty and there would have been issues with him kissing a sixteen-year-old....
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I haven't seen Howard! I need to some day. I have his solo album too...you're right, AMAZING VOICE! He has the record for playing the Phantom the most amount of times...he was there for a while and then left and is back now!

I saw Hugh Panaro the last time I went...has a crazy incredible voice too! He's a thin, short guy and then opens his mouth and it's like " where is that coming from"

The Broadway board I read suggested Josh Groban for the Phantom...interesting idea!