@sassywillow I'm sorry for the delay. I forgot to post my experiences on this thread. I did post my results on the DE Natural and October Hits and Misses thread on the 4a forum. I'm going to have to agree with the OP, this whole line left me with dry hair with the exception of the curl stretching cream which left me with semi moisturized hair. I know you was specifically interested in the conditioner and leave in, but they didn't moisturize my hair at all and that says alot because my hair is rarely dry unless I'm doing a henna treatment. I tried the products twice, so I think I gave them a fair chance before writing them off. I can say they did give pretty good definition, though, but not worth the dry feeling I was getting. I'm going to put them on the swap board if you are interested. HTH.
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Thanks for the update. That's too bad that the condish didn't work...such great ingredients too. thanks for saving me some money!!