Eastcoastwaves-I have a question for you, you said that wavy hair is bouncy, shiny, swingable, my question is this, is your hair naturally bouncy and full of body? Mine has a tendency (if I don't use product and let air dry) to be flatter than a flitter and *not* have body unless I use a product of some sort and diffuse or blow dry.

I really think the biggest factor in any given day is what conditioner I use, the wrong conditioner really messes up my hair. Product is important but conditioner is a little bit more important to me.

I agree with Starrynite, I would love to see a picture of your hair to compare it to mine.....

2a?, using MOP C system hydrating poo, Elucence conditioner, B&A Biomineral gel......off and on results....rely most on my curling iron for help