I can sooo relate to this topic. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in Hair Purgatory. It's frustrating for me because I have hair that is only 50 percent wavy and then the other 50 percent under my canopy is almost straight. But just wavy enough so the ends look like frayed paintbrushes!
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Ok, now you really have me curious, are the "frayed paintbrush ends" a wavy trait? I'm just wondering because I have those. My longer layers have beautiful ends but my shorter ends (especially the canopy) have the frayed ends and I thought it was just from damage and was planning on having my stylist cut them off. If they are normal until my hair grows out I'll deal with them but if they are damaged I think I should have them trimmed. The "frayed paintbrush" is sucha a good analogy though, that's exactly how a lot of my ends look.

Anyone else have this?

2a?, using MOP C system hydrating poo, Elucence conditioner, B&A Biomineral gel......off and on results....rely most on my curling iron for help