Chelle wrote:
Eastcoastwaves-I have a question for you, you said that wavy hair is bouncy, shiny, swingable, my question is this, is your hair naturally bouncy and full of body?
My hair in it's natural virgin state (meaning no leave in or product) has some body, it is thick and tends to be dry, frizzes up easily, but is somewhay bouncy. add some good leave in, as you said the proper conditioner & poo make ALL the difference for wavies, and a light no hold styler and bouncy, shiny waves (with some frizz ). Style means a lot. do not dicount the importance of the hairstyle and length/weight of wavy hair. you can have one haircut and your waves will filp out in weird random directions (in a REALLY unflettering way) but change your style and your hair can look wonderful. Speaking only for myself, my hair looks & behaves at it's very best all one length with a few face framing long layers in front starting at chin level. my hair is between shoulder & bra-strap length, about 1 inch above my bra strap. This style (or lack thereof) shows my waves off best as they naturally curl more at the ends. the longer it gets, the more they curl into some random ringlet-thing-ys& the nicer the overall look. the scant layers in front prevent "pyramid head" & lift the waves in front to give some natural lightness at the crown. I flip it from one side part to the other during the day to maintain some height. This style is so easy to maintain, for me and I can do so much with it as far as putting it up. I am never "stuck" with a bad hair day...i just sweep it up and forget it. No bangs to mess with (in my personal experience, wavy bangs are a nightmare) no layers to flip out all over & look messy (again, personal experience only)_ It took awhile to suffer through teporary "pyramid-bob-head" til my hair grew past my shoulders, but once it did, life with my hair has been soooo easy, the weight of the length helps prevent too much poofing up, also the lack of layers (i had my hair layered ONCE...never again, it took tons of effort to make it look decent, and I couldn't do a thing with it, my random waves & curls were made to look like permanent bedhead with straight pieces sticking out & hanging way past the other layers *shudder* ) now, at this length it looks neat but toussel-ey. I am very happy with this cut/stlye for my hair. but everyone's hair is different, this is just what works for me. hairdressers were always saying " let me put in some layers, it'll encourage your curl", Bull*%&#, it'll stick out everywhere & the ends of the layers will look awful because my hair is not curly. you can add as many layers as you like & it will not magically change hair types & become curly. It is wavy, please treat it accordingly .
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