Chelle and Flippit,
I can't believe somebody else has this hair idiosyncracy of "frayed paintbrush ends!" I though I was just "special."

Personally, I know my hair isn't damaged, something my hairdresser confirmed. She says that's just the texture of my hair towards the nape of my neck. And I didn't develop this until after I had my son three years ago. My hair was almost straight (while I'm on the pill myhair is straight). But during my pregnancy my hair was very curly everywhere and it's been three years postpartum and my hair texture is still changing. I think it's reverting back to it's straightie state slowly but surely as more and more of my hair seems to look like a frayed paintbrush. I hate these ends because they make for an ugly ponytail that looks like it lost a tug of war with a pitbull.
2C, Asian hair, very thick and coarse. And virtually indestructible, leaving a swath of destruction of exploded barettes, rubberbands and snapped chopsticks in its wake.