Personally, I know my hair isn't damaged, something my hairdresser confirmed.
Yep my hair is in really good condition too. I've had two stylists remark on how nice and healthy my hair is. The little flippy frayed bits are one reason I started blow-drying my hair so it wouldn't look so ratty in a ponytail. I kind of curl them with a round brush.

Part of my waviness is hereditary and part is probably hormonal, because my hair seems to change every time my hormones do! My dad has fine hair that forms tight corkscrews and ringlets. My Asian mother has frizzy, coarse hair with a very slight bend. Her hair has the frayed-brush look because that slight bend happens at the bottom of her hair. So my hair is somewhere in between these two and depending on the day, it might be BOTH of these at once!
Sporting: Long hair that can't make up its mind. Wavy? Curly? Straight? It's anyone's guess!