I have been experimenting with this for a while now and have come to the conclusion that it depends on the product.

Please note my hair is really temperamental and possibly posessed by some demon or evil entity. So don't take too much notice of my regime. However the following seems to be working for me.

I think some products do well applied to sopping wet. Some I scrunch in to very damp and some I add water to in my hand and then scrunch into reasonably dry hair.

Interested to know what others think.
Type = Mostly 3C (with a hint of 3B and 4A)
Porosoity/Mid Texture/Medium-Thick Length/ BSL
Dislike/ Humidity, Shampoo, Brushes
Love/ Honey, Air Drying, Plopping
Cursed by FRIZZ/(Surface, In-The-Curls, Dry, Spider Weby,Crimped,Poofball & General Frizz)
Location/ Central Australia