I keep reading about flour sack towels. Where would I purchase something like that?

Mir, your post confirms it for me. It makes much more sense to wait until my hair is damp to apply styling prods.

I have to leave the house at 5:45 tomorrow morning so am going to try drying with the tee shirt, adding stylers and diffusing. I never (or seldom) diffuse, so we shall see.
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I bought two different sorts: one ended up being more like nappies (diapers, very soft, nice cottony). I like those for the first round to get lots of the initial water.

For scrunching the subsequent times, I really like these:


I got them in "Dune/Citrine/Tarragon" color combo (my house is in yellows/greens/beighes/golds). I got two sets, and I take 3 to 4 to the salon with me when I go.

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