I use several floursack towels, and I use a Denman brush to rake the water out of my hair. I use about 4 to 5 towels (if I don't S&C , I need 6 to 7 towels). I get my hair as dry as brushing and toweling will allow before I add any styler product. I have fine hair, and this method, while decreasing the size, tightness of my clumps, increases volume and dramatically shortens hair drying time.

I can wash, add stylers, and I only need to diffuse dry for about 20 mins. So, my hair is done in 25 mins out of the shower. I like that.
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Yep. I'm with Mir. I discovered this summer that my hair turns out MUCH better when I add product to damp hair (the exception being MD Lemon Yogurt Smoothie, but I don't top it with anything until after I have scrunched out excess water). Plus, the super-fast drying time is a bonus. I was *really* sick of my hair taking hours and hours to completely air dry.
2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.