Curl Pattern: 2b/3a, and on a REALLY good day, canopy does a long, drawn out 3b
Texture: Fine
Porosity: Normal-high
Density: Normal
Elasticity: Normal
Characteristics: Can be inconsistent- REALLY curly one day, wavy the next...Grows pretty quickly, does not like gel- prefers creams and serums, colored, overconditioned easily

CG/ModCG/not CG: ModCG- alternate low poos with cowash, will use products with amodimethicone, sulfate wash about once a week

Hair ingredient likes: Aloe, a little protein, amodimethicone
Hair ingredient dislikes: Magnesium sulfate, wheat protein, a lot of glycerin in styling product, heavy oils, most low poos

Hard/Soft Water: Hard

HG/Go-to Products: Redken Curl Refiner (OR) CJCCCL (OR) CJCF paired with CIAB, LALSG smoothed to combat frizz

Average climate/dew points: Not sure, live in suburb of Boston...Really high dews AND low dews

Fall/Winter combos: In progress...Like KCKT LI
Spring/Summer combos: CCCL and CIAB

Favorite styling techniques and why: Raking and smoothing product to get even coverage, scrunch water out with a tshirt, pixie curl diffuse for root curl and volume
Techniques that didn’t work and why: Scrunching in product- can't get even coverage, second day hair (on occasion, not even close to consistent)

Hair Twins: Characteristics of (I think) Jess the Mess, BLB, Xcptnl
2b/3a, normal/high porosity, fine/medium texture, medium density, low elasticity

Low Poo- Tigi Colour Goddess, Giovanni 50:50, Giovanni TTT (clarify 1X/week)
Condish- CJ Curl Rehab, Giovanni 50:50, Giovanni TTT
Leave In- Slip Detangler, KCKT, Redken Curl Refiner
Treatment- CJ Repair Me! and CJ CR

Dislikes: Too much protein, high glycerin content, and heavy oils