Here's my main question - how do you ladies keep your hair from frizzing up on you while it's drying and before the product goes in? Or maybe it doesn't matter, since the product will coat the hair and take care of any frizz that happened before it was applied? I'm trying to get a sense of the steps to a routine here. Anyone want to tell me step by step how they do this?
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When I apply product when my hair is dry, I'm choosing the lesser of two evils. If I apply products when my hair is wet, the curl falls out. I still have body and curls if I wait until it's dry. There may be a LITTLE frizz, but I'd rather have slightly frizzy curls than stringy hair.

Here is my routine:

After I wash my hair, I stand in the shower and scrunch most of the water out of my hair. Next, I use a towel and scrunch for another minute or so. Turning my head upside down while I scrunch helps to retain the curl. Next, I use my fingers to twirl each individual clump. It helps with curl definition and fights some of the frizz. This takes about 5 minutes. When my hair is almost dry, I spritz a few squirts of spray gel into my hands, rub them together, and lightly scrunch my hair and pat down any flyaways at the crown. Ta-dah! That's my hair.
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: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle
: Suave Naturals (whatever scent I have on hand)
: Paul Mitchell Round Trip, Tresemme Climate Control Finishing Spray

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