The other thread got me thinking about the time I learned that everyone in my graduating class thought (and most still do think) that I'm a lesbian.

Apparently it started early in middle school when a mean group of girls, who hated me because they couldn't get to me, started the rumor. I ignored them, and didn't even deny or confirm it, because I always acted like they weren't worth my attention. Its why they hated me. I assumed that after the new 'Shelby gave a guy a ****job in the restroom' came out (untrue) the 'Mystic is a lesbian' rumor was forgotten.

Little did I know. By senior year of high school the whole 'clique' thing dissolved and people relaxed a little and I got less defensive and started making friends with people I've known for years and the summer after graduation someone asked if I'd like to go on a double date with him, his girlfriend, and another girl. I cleared it up, but I never made a blanket announcement to everyone in my class.

Did anyone else learn about rumors about themselves after the fact?
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