I didn't start to get good results until I started squeezing out as much water as I could - but always upside down. That way the curls don't get flat. First I use my hands. Then I use CLU towels and squeeze until the water doesn't drip from my hair. If it starts to drip a little, I do another squeeze or two with the towels. Then apply a curl enhancer (usually CHSCF) and squeeze it in just like I did with the towels. My hair is still pretty damp at this point, just not dripping, so I think it does distribute well.

Pour my coffee, put on my glasses. Now I can see my hair. Flip my hair over, arrange the curls, and apply gel. AnGel but am anxious to try CJ new gel. Diffuse to 50%.

If I had a flat area the day before, I might apply a minute amount of CJCF. If I had a dry area I put in a minute bit of SSDD. Just to those areas. (before gel)

This routine is starting to give me consistent hair that is curly and generally frizz free. Often wondered if I'd ever get to this point. The styling thing was a problem for me at first.
54, mix of 3a, 2b,c, with the occasional straight strand thrown in to keep things interesting. Low porosity. Very fine!

HG: CJCF Never lets me down.
Others I Like: DevaCurl One Co, CHSCK, Giovanni Smooth as Silk, SSDD, AnGel, DevaCurl No Poo, Elucence Moisture Balancing Condish, Curls Like Us towels.

"Still crazy after all these years" Paul Simon