Hello Everybody!!!

I'm new to the website/forum. I have been natural for several years. To say that it has been an experience is an understatement. I've chopped off my hair enough times to sell wigs. Recently, I came across that hair typing thing by Oprah's stylist, and am Still unsure of what category my hair falls in. (I think it is inaccurate if you ask me, but that's another post, LOL).
My hair is very curly/wavy/kinky. It LOVES water, and when it's wet, it elongates, curls/waves up, and looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. When it dries without product, it looks like a curly, nappy little bush. I cannot wear an Afro because the hair at the nape, top of my head, and sides will fall, but the upper back of my head will kink up, LOL.
It will curl up if I use a light gel, or water based moisturizing product while my hair is wet. Sorry for going on so long....just have a lot to say....LOL