Ok, since I have bottles of both, I'll try to type them out here a little later. But basically, if you took off all the natural looking ingredients from the EMBC (the ginseng, peach extract, etc) and just look at the second half where the more chemical looking ingredients are, that's what the Kenra is. Once you get to that point they look almost identical. At Beauty Express the regular size bottle was 12.95 (12oz), and the liter size was $24 or $28, but right now they have them 2 liters for $28, plus if you go before 11am on tuesdays then you get 20% off your total purchase (or if you go between 7-9pm on the last tuesday of the month).

I'll try and post the ingredients soon.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07