Black people in America have tighter curls, that is just a fact. It does not surprise me because the hair is a dead giveaway as well as skin tone and features. People are just too afraid to admit it but thats what it is. I love surprising people too. Its fun!
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Ummm...excuse me but where do you live?! Again here is another assumption that people make "black people in America have tighter curls, that is just a fact"'re no better than the people who are "sure" that they can tell you what your ancestry is. Saying that is an ignorant comment. What makes your statement fact...bc thats all you've seen in your life?! I personally have 3c curls and so does my brother, while I am lt.skinned and my brother is dark skinned. My dad has waves and is dark skinned while both of my grandmothers are lt.skinned & have completely straight hair.

I also have aunts and uncles who are lt. skinned w/green eyes and dark skinned w/blue eyes and wavy hair. So please do not make an ignorant assumption and say that what you are stating is fact! Please educate yourself and expand your horizons a little more before you make another generalization like that and then act like you are preaching the gospel! You know what they say...people who make assumptions end up making an a*s out of themselves so wise up!