Rosemadder, Why would your boss think it would matter how you wear your hair?

I work in a dental office and my hair can look pretty wild. I told my dr that I wanted to have a nose piercing and he said he wouldn't allow it. Don't you love that. He signs my paychecks so I guess he owns me. I told him I didn't think the patients would notice it anymore than my hair. He then told me HE personally didn't like piercings or tattoos. OK, daddy. Really not ok. I'm going to do it and he can just fire my ass. I know he won't because I've made changes to his office and we are bringing in more money, even in this economy.
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I am sorry to break it to you but when you work in a profession FACING the client, you need to present yourself in a discreet manner. That means tightly worn hair and no visible tattoos nor piercings.

Moreover, why would you wear a visible piercing at work? Your personal life should not interfere with your professional job. If I had someone going down my mouth with a pierced nose I would subconsciously question their validity and possibly ask the doctor to have someone else do my dental work. Not only do I think like this but so would many others. If you weren't born with it, I don't want to see it as a customer that I am.

And for the record, I have long hair (check my sig) so it is not like I am against freedom of expression but you have to think of what others, who are going to pay YOU, will think.