My hair is definitely wavy, I can't say that its curly and I can't say that its straight. My hair is bouncy, full of body and I have tons of hair to go around. I always permed because I wanted it curly, then in college I straightened it every morning (30-45 minutes). But as soon as the humidity rose or I put my hair behind my ear or it rained, my hair was flippy and wavy again. I never understood my hair, but now this board makes me feel better that others have the same issues.
So now i am natural. My hair is mostly wavy, almost straight underneath and straight at the root. Its gets curlier/wavier as it gets longer, but is still wavy when it is short. It has its pieces that loosely corkscrew and others that stay straight.
Currently, my hair is between shoulder to bra strap length with long layers. I have an appt this weekend with my hairdresser. She knows about my hair, so she will never cut it into short layers. I will probably get some face framing layers with my long layers. But my goal is to grow it even longer.
Right now, I have been looking for a good shampoo/condish. I was using Marc Anthony Strictly Curls...but I think it was too drying. Now I am trying Biosilk Hydrating Poo and Condish. So far, i am liking it, it leaves my hair soft and it is easy to rinse out. The poo doesn't lather much (i think it has a sulfate in it), but it gets rid of whatever was in my hair the day before. The condish is so light and easy to put just a little or a lot, depending on your hair. It never feels like it is going to weigh my hair down and it is easy to rinse completely out or leave in.
I comb in the shower with the condish in. I then rinse it out (leaving about 10% at the ends) and squeeze out the excess water. Then when my hair is still wet (i don't let it dry too much or I get a halo at the top) I use a leave-in (currently it is neutrogena triple moisture leave-in), then i use garnier smoothing milk. They leave my hair really soft. But both have cones. Then i use a gel (currently it is ouidad climate control). I find that it is not too sticky, or thick and the crunch can be scrunched out. It is not my ideal, but i am going to use it up and try something else when i am finished. It doesn't always prevent frizz in this horrible east coast humidity. But it is easy to wash out and it isn't stiff. I just rake everything through my tons of hair. Then i plop. After getting dressed and doing my makeup (about 15 minutes), I diffuse my hair upside down. I use low speed and medium heat while putting my hair in the diffuse bowl (no hands) and I do this for about 3 minutes (twice around head). I then switch to the cold (low heat) and do it for about a minute (once around head). Then I flip my hair up and to each side and blow dry underneath for about a minute. Then I blow dry the roots without the diffuser to try to get some lift (I use hair spray at the roots to add lift). Be careful, don't do this for too long and no touching of the hair. I find that once my hair is just a little dry, it can frizz by the slightest touch. I don't like a part because I feel like it flattens my hair, so i try to create lift and no part at the top. Then when I am happy with the top, i spray a little bit of hairspray at the top ONLY.
At this point, my hair is about 40% dry. So I leave for work.
Thats it :P
It usually looks like it is going to be straight or slightly wavy but it can get so wavy and curly when just that last 10% dries.
By noon, it curls, waves or stay straight wherever it wants for the rest of the day. If I lay on it or put it behind an ear, a spritz of water brings it right back to life.
I have been preventing halo frizz at the top with this new poo and condish. But that can easily change in a week or two.

That is my routine...anyone else do anything that is a sure thing to beautiful wavy hair?
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