chelle wrote
One more thing (eastcoast and anyone else that wants to answer ) when is the best time for you to put in product?
I blot lightly after the shower & put a dab of leave in then whatever styre, or kust styler right away. i comb ith through with a wide tooth comb then shake to loosen. that's it, i try not to touch til dry then it's fine.

Mishy wrote
agree with you on almost every count; however, regarding wavies not needing hold (hence, no gel): I have found that my hair needs just a touch of gel or else it gets poufy
I may have spoken too quickly on the gel subject, or not clarified what exactly i was trying to say. I cannot go with out some product. I do find most thick gels are designed to provide hold. i do not need "hold" if you define hold by meaning "keeping in place". What I need is definition, meaning helping the waves "clump" together and reduce poufiness & frizz. I'm looking forward to jessicurl's new cream product! it sounds wonderful. in my experience, gels have provided to much "hold" for my hair, I have better luck with creams such as iso bouncy cream, and even jessicurl RR was ok for me. (I love jess's hcc though!! and too shea is really good in my hair). hope I explained my definition of hold a bit better
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