One more thing (eastcoast and anyone else that wants to answer ) when is the best time for you to put in product? When it is wet, damp, ? and do you comb your hair at all or finger comb your product through? Just wondering how that effects your waves?
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Chelle - I'm so glad that you like the CC... I am so tempted since I hear great things. It's nice to know it works for a lot of you wavies!! Also, I put in my styling product after it's towel-dried a little bit (about 10 mins). I actually finger comb just near the scalp... it tends to get tangled and doesn't curl anyway, so I don't worry about discrupting any waces there. Then I smooth my product over my hair, like I'm putting my hair in a ponytail (I use Boots and learned this tecnique from lalala), then I scrunch. This usually does a good job of keeping the curls/waves looking good.

chrisnj0614 - I use Boots and it does a GREAT job of moisturizing my hair and giving good hold... just the right amount with no crunch!

PS: I love this thread... it's so informative!
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