Oh no. This is not good. I do not see the Intensive Emollient Treatment on Kenra's website. I haven't bought any for a long time because I had stocked up so well....now I'm nearly out! Darn it!

Kenra has a new (to me) "Nourishing Masque" that may be a replacement for IET. Of course, the Nourishing Masque is more $$ than the IET was...not to say that the IET was cheap. What is troubling to me is the fact that the new masque "imparts highly polished, radiant shine." Sounds like a 'cone to me! The key ingredient list doesn't include a 'cone, but it's not a complete listing of ingredients either.
3b, coarse dark blonde hair; cut fairly short - just below ears.
TJ's Nourish for CO wash, Too Shea! as conditioner and leave-in, Bioterra gel (Too Shea! & Bioterra are my HG!)