I have decided i am not worrying about my hair anymore. I am commited to using the best product ingredient-wise to cleanse and condition and deep-treat my hair. I am no longer going to use more than one tyling product on my hair or attempt to contort it into styles and textures that it is not meant to be. I am freeing my waves. freeing them to be what they are and to keep them as healthy as possible. if i have a frizzy day I will not be dousing my hair in products or diffusing or moulding anything. i am putting it in a ponytail. My hair will not be more important than my life.
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eastcoastwaves - I love what you said here! This is my goal too. I've been too preoccupied with my hair for too long. I want to have healthy hair and I'll just put it back off my face if I'm having a strange hair day. You verbalized it so well!
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