If you want to inform somebody than you give the pros and cons. Not everybody’s experience is bad. All I read was cons and mostly from people who only read the box or fired up at another's response. Information is knowing all sides before you make a decision. If you haven’t tried it, you can’t judge it especially if you only did it once, and you did it wrong because you treated it like a relaxer because that is what you’re used to. If you give an opinion let it be validated by your degree in one message, and or experience in some others. Those are the opinions that actually count, not the “running your mouth” content I read a lot from a lot of messages. And experience means multiple occasions producing the same results every time to be validated. Honestly what works for you is not going to work for me, and I don’t mean in a literal sense but in an everybody sense. Read between the lines. Over half of the messages on here was non validated opinions. And if you’re going to use brainwash at least use it in the right context. So many women spend so much time on hating other women’s differences. Out of all races American Black women hate on each other worst than anybody ever hated on us. It all starts from the hair and the more mixed with other races you are, the more hatred you start doing for something that person never had control over. This whole site showed hate amongst each other using a softener as a fire. If you’re going to hate just come out and do it because the honesty is much better than trying to hide something that can't be kept hidden.

Hair is complicated because it’s yours. Why else do we all have bad hair days? A JFM texture softener has pros and cons just like natural hair, just like relaxed hair, and so forth. You maintain it if you want because a month later your hair is not as loose, and it’s not as soft, so this is not as permanent as you would love to believe. Even the product says if you don’t like the way your hair is, wait a couple of months, and do it again. & you don’t have to maintain it, but you can choose to opposed to a relaxer where you can see a huge difference from new growth to what is relaxed. It was made for mixed children, but anyone with a curl can use it. If you have racially mixed hair, the world we live in sees white or black. It don’t see gray & refuses to acknowledge that it exists. Praying that your hair is one way or another is not meant in a literal sense but sarcasm of frustrations because if it was, there would be no no issue and nothing for this blog to talk about. Salons do it, and your local hair care isle does the same. When you get your hair done in another country they believe the same about American hair because you believe it & you live here!

What’s on top of your head don’t classify what’s in your spirit. It don’t even change who you are & if you read the blog instead of nit picked at content bringing it out of context, you would have gotten that. Ladies … stop judging each other especially for something as low & insignificant as hair. Otherwise you’re no better than the thing you put so much energy in to despise, when the real issue is your upset with something in deep inside yourself that goes way beyond hair.

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