I think the goal here is to accept, love and appreciate your NATURAL curls.

And hey, if you still choose to use chemicals...why gee gollee willikers, there's a thread for that too here!

But the point of digging up this thread that's older than dirt, Jesus and Methuselah servers what purpose?

And who is this tirade supposed to be directed at? I didn't see anyone in here putting anyone down, they just stated facts. So before you jump and get high and mighty on your soapbox, think before you speak.

Anyway everything has it's pros and cons. Hell, cigarettes and liquor do. It makes folks feel good, but in the end they're suffering with a liver that's gone to hell or COPD and they can barely moved 2 feet without wheezing to death. So, does that mean I need to use it? No.

AND WHY is it that the ones always talking about "oooh black women are hating on each other, blah blah" are always the ones starting some SH*T!? pot meet kettle!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hell with it. It doesn't matter anyway. Some folks can't, won't and just never will.
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