You're right on many points, and on those I'm totally with you, but this particular thread was not about being naturally curly. It was about is a texurizer is a relaxer. Read both pages. Plus I've read this since january & there's some missing comments that used to be here. Don't get so angry. Don't get choked up with words than the concept. People get mad when you tell the truth or you dare to be different. You're supposed to do both because that what makes you, you. You might be a beautiful person inside & out but I don't want to see 20 of you. I love me but I don't want to see 20 of me either. & you're already prejuding because you assumed that I was. That don't do anything but prove I was right. Your photo shows that what I was talking about had no concern of you because you don't have more than one texture to work with. You're not even part of the reason why some people choose or want to try to use it. You don't even fall in the category of what I was talking about, so why so angry? Calm down. I'm not judging you so why do you dish it back? This prejudgment thing don't make no sense. Life has its pros and cons but you still living & you wouldn't change that for the world.We could go head to head of analogies but it doesn't change the fact there are underlying issues between women of color. it doesn't change the fact that though the chains may be off, some people are still slaves of their own mind. You can't blame society for you own actions. If this is nothing to do with you, than you have nothing to be angry for
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