Awesome, bostonwaves, thank you! I love that site, but haven't been there for awhile.

Halfwavy: yes, that was my point exactly. Lots of folks don't realize that the cleaning products are often more harmful than whatever they're trying to clean. Bleach & ammonia are kind of like using a bazooka to eradicate a mosquito. I didn't used to give it much thought either, but having asthma gives you an instant education. Borax is extremely non-toxic and it's potential to be a skin/respiratory irritant is far, far less than essential oils (which are wonderful, when carefully chosen & properly diluted.)

Anyway, my advice to anyone concerned about this is just to use common sense: if something has fumes -- be it a natural product (even Simple Green aggravates my asthma, it's so intense) or otherwise -- use caution.
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I have big problems with smells too. I don't have asthma thankfully. So what do you use for cleaning around the house? Borax?
I have had a hard time finding "kind" stuff here. (I guess I should look at that link/page but it would still be interesting to hear what you use.)