I have been doing the OCM for a few months now, and while there have been a few speedbumps here and there, I love it and will never go back to commercial face cleansers!

Before switching to OCM, I was using ProActiv, which worked really well, but man was it expensive! I tried using other OTC facial cleansers after I quit ProActiv, but things like Neutrogena were so drying that I was flaking and breaking out at the same time. And every moisturizer I tried would just make me oily, and break me out even more! It was terrible, my face was a mess.

So then I started with the OCM. I started off with a 30/70% mixture of castor oil and sunflower oil. It really worked for me for a good solid month! I wasn't quite to the same skin quality I was at when I was on ProActiv, but it was close, and considerably cheaper and more natural. But then, like many of you, I started to get small bumps along my chin and jawline. I tried plowing through it, but it wouldn't stop. My skin also started to get kinda flaky around the corners of my mouth, which is when I realized that my skin had balanced out enough that the 30/70% ratio was now too strong for my face. I recently went to a 20/80% ratio, and I think it is helping keep me more moisturized and clear.

I have also started using an aspirin mask once or twice a week. I use 5 or so uncoated aspirin crushed in a few drops of water, then add a bit of yogurt and some honey (generally just eyeball it). I apply this mixture after I've done my OCM in the evening, and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour. When I rinse it off, it exfoliates really nicely, and leaves my skin really really soft and clean feeling. This mixture has helped me heal up the remaining bumps that my over-drying ratio caused.

The only problem I have come across is that the OCM doesn't really seem to do anything to heal up red marks from popped or scabbed zits (which I still get around my period every now and then). I'm hoping that the aspirin masks will help heal those as well, as I've heard that honey can help old red marks fade. Anybody have any experience with this?
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