mishy - I know how you feel. I have bought so many poos and condishes in the past month, i have punished myself and I am not allowed to buy anymore until i have used up at least one set.
I am definitely getting rid of my Marc Anthony strictly curls poo and condish and holding on to my biosilk.
Now I am in the market for a good gel/cream

Has anyone tried AG re:coil? If so, what do you think?

I am planning on ordering Boots. I definitely need a better gel/cream. i am looking forward to Jessicurl's cream.

Does anyone have any tips for a late in the day pick me up for your curls/waves? My hair has a tendency to poof out by 6 or 7pm and look dry and blah. I just spray water, but that causes frizzies. Has anyone tried Jessicurl's Awe Inspiraling Spray?

Has anyone used the product swap?

Sorry for all the questions/long posts

Type 2C/3A, Medium texture and I have a ton of it, long hair, brunette, flat crown.
Modified CG'er since August 2004