Hi, im in need of some advise. The past few months my hair has gotten less curly Its more wavy then curly now and the curls are skinnier and not chunky like they used to be. I have been cg for a few weeks and my hair seems a lot less frizzy which is very good, but the curl is still not chunky like it used to be. ( i have pictures from the summer when it looked amazing -- i was using a sufate poo and whatever condtioner went with it and HEHDG) Im not even sure what kind of curl my hair naturally has cause it seems to change. I don't know if it's due to the products or what? maybe i need more moisture because of the winter? But my hair dosent seem dry...i'm just really confused. any help would be greatly apriciated!! heres my routine
1. co wash with 365 citrus grapefruit conditioner(whole foods-- about 2 times a week)
2. condition with the same thing
3. a leave in conditioner on soaking wet hair
4. BRHG mixed with magick botanicals gel