ruchipuchi i believe if your skin feels taught after you need to use less castor, also it tells you if you feel like you need a moisturizer use a dab of whatever oil u use in your mix (in your case olive) id definitely switch though, sunflower jojoba or grapeseed! Almond is nice too.. I used it on my skin before and like the way it feels but im not sure if it clogged my pores because thats back when my skin was pretty bad
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I think when I was using the 25-75 mix, my skin was still getting a little dry, but I wasn't feeling/seeing anything coming out of my pores. I feel cleaner with this mix, but still dry. Do you think I should still cut back? Should I do it every other day? What should I use on the off days? I know I wouldn't be able to get away with not doing anything at all...

I was reading a comedogenicity list about different oils. Here is the link: I like this one because it has smiley faces next to the ratings so you actually know what the numbers mean!
Turns out sweet almond and olive oil are both equally comedogenic.
I noticed that mineral oil and glycerin were both non-comedogenic and non-irritating. Has anyone tried those for OCM (I know glycerin is not an oil, but I think the thinner oil is just supposed to be to dilute the CO and give additional moisturizing benefits - both things i could see glycerin doing).
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I need to double check, but I'm pretty sure mineral oil just sits on the skin and doesn't allow the skin to breathe. It's a petroleum by product. I don't think it can be comedogenic cuz it doesn't gets in your pores, just sits on top of them.