Hey "boston", thanks for sharing that site, I didn't know it. I've thought many times of using natural cleaners around the house but I've heard other people say they are really not effective for certain things and somehow it's just easier to pick up the usual stuff when I go out. I need to hear other opinions and recommendations because for different reasons I know I should not buy any more ordinary cleaners.

I'm also bothered by smells (I have allergies...) so I avoid using strong stuff most of the time. I had a problem with musty smells coming from the a/c vents, that worried me because of my allergy to mold but, thankfully, I heard of a website that sells a couple of product for that specific purpose. One is a spray that kills mold and mildew, by the way, and it's a Godsend here in S. FL. Just recently, together with "Damp-Rid" it saved the inside of my car from getting moldy after a lot of water got in it.
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