I apologize for the error. I purchased the product at Trade Secret. For some reason, the name of that store never sticks in my head.

With all the talk of the Whip, recently, I couldn't resist any longer and purchased a bottle this evening. In front of the Joico display was a sale sign that read, "Buy 2 get 1 Free." I'm not made of money, but if I had used and liked the product already, I would have taken them up on that. It's a $15 savings. I have to admit, as well, that it felt good walking into a place and purchasing a product, sans the shipping fee. I just hope I like the product as much as most of you seem to. I have a lot of hair, but it's not overly thick or fine. It's medium, I would say. It seems this product works for all kinds of hair types, though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.