KookyCurl, you're right about the mineral oil.

I just switched to safflower oil and my face is no longer dry after OCM. It sometimes seems like it's harder to get the oils off my compared to my olive oil mix. I steam 2-3 times and wipe off each time with a hot washcloth, but I can still feel some on my face. However, it doesn't exactly feel greasy and my face doesn't look shiny. It feels how it would feel after putting a rich face cream on your face that absorbs well. I have a feeling this could just be my skin being less stripped... and I guess... supple. It hasn't felt like that in a while so I think I'm mistaking it for not cleaning my face enough.
[SIZE="1"]Fia: 2c/Coarse/ii, low-normal elasticity, low porosity.

Co-wash: Suave Naturals
Styling: Curls Defining Moments Curl Release Serum, DevaCare Arc AnGEL, DevaCurl Set It Free, KCCC
DT/PT: GVPCB, AOHR, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Yogurt PTs, ION Effective Care