I know this sounds a little out there-but my hair seems to follow my mood and my lifestyle...If I am feeling overly tired, my hair looks tired, if I skip working out and eat too much junkfood-my hair suffers with the rest of my body. I realize weather, products, and routine have something to do with it too, but i think more than anything, how I take care of myself is the biggest factor.

The second biggest factor for me is product combinations-I always get best results putting products on almost dripping wet hair, use a curl enhancer w/ moisture, and then a gel, then diffuse. (And I never diffuse more than 2-3x/wk-I just re-activate curls w/ water and use curl refresher on the non-washing days). I've gotton mostly consistant results, and it is a simple routine. The amount of each product I use and the amount I dry it all depend on what my hair is telling me and what season it is.
2c?/low-med porosity/medium texture
Summer Routine
Co-wash: TJ's TTT condish
Low-Po: SheaMoisture marine complex
Condish: SheaMoisture marine complex
LI: Giovanni Direct
Stylers: Mop Top curling Custard, Curls Gel-Les'C & Biotera gel, BWC spray gel as finisher
Refresh w/: LUSH R&B
DT: Shea Moisture Superfruit 10-in-1 masque, Giovanni Nutrafix reconstuctor, jojoba & argan oils