Wow, it's good to know that this site is going strong. And oh the changes and choices for hair's amazing what you all have done!! I think my last post was June 2004. What I am glad to see are the soooo many choices for using curly hair products. I want to say that I have stopped using shampoo on my hair for 6 years now. When hair dressers see my hair, they wonder why it is so different. I tell them I don't use shampoo and I don't put heat on my hair. Ladies, heat is a big NO-NO-NO. It takes all the moisture out. I don't blow dry. YES... even in winter. If it's very cold, I use a diffuser directly on the scalp at the lowest temp to dry the roots. No burning of the scalp..!The rest of the hair just dries naturally.
I am glad the site is still going strong because now I use this site to work with young teens that have problems with handling their hair and hair care. This site has helped alot. Thanks for all the work you have done Gretchen! Oh and I no longer 46...52
Age 50 +; Living the curly life a REAL LONG time--seen it all from brass hotcombs, clappers; Toni home perms: Ultra-Sheen for Fro's: using Dippity-Do in the 60's: to just forget it just corn row it: blow dry it flat iron it... Oh just leave it alone--use CG.