Dont worry, that sounds about right. I was paranoid about that (leftover oil) feeling but I saw no negative results. & according to the ocm website if your mix is right your not supposed to need a moisturizer after, so you should be okay. I still use my emu after only because I love what it does to my skin.

& relating to the post before last.. I do ocm every night (if im not lazy) and like someone stated above I cleanse my face with ground oatmeal in the morning. I found that doing the deep cleansing of the ocm at night AND washing in the morning with soap was why my skin was breaking out still, since im sensitive.. that was overdoing it. I think the oatmeal works so good for me because im sensitive, but id def recommend a gentle, maybe cream cleanser in the mornings.. no need to super deep clean when all you did was go to sleep lol.
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I bought a pure glycerin soap bar and have been using that to wash my face in the morning. It's not stripping at all. I made a spray of rose water, glycerin, and aloe vera that I spritz on my face afterwards. I never get greasy anymore and my skin never feels dry either.
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