I do this all the time, but then I regret cutting it b/c I can never get it as long as I want! I always break down and chop it, and then I'm pissed at myself a week later!

But I'm the queen of dying my hair - something else I need to break myself of. I hate the upkeep, and having roots, and my hair is so dry and porous that the dye just ruins it.

But to answer your original question, yes I get bored with my curls all the time. Right now I've been blowing it out all the time. My pregnancy seems to be pulling out the curl, and it's annoying that it falls out 20 minutes later, so I just gave up. Plus, my hair is short right now, and I feel like the curls make me look so young. And not in a good way. I feel like I look cutesy, Shirley Temple young.

My goal is to grow it out one length in hopes of pulling out the curl and getting more of a wave, that would be easier to maintain. I'm so SICK of having this producty coif that can't blow around, and I can't run my fingers through.
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

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