I tend to lean left on many social issues (gender, racial, sexual orientation). If I had to pick, I have to admit that gender issues are what is most important to me.
Putting aside pro-choice/pro-life issues, what are some gender issues that Republican party stands strongly for? Does the Republican party acknowledge issues of pay inequity, of victimization of women/children (safety issues)? Although originally a liberal cause, do they acknowledge that women should be treated fairly, without harassment in the workforce? What legislation have they introduced to help women?
Do they acknowledge that women have been discriminated against? Are they concerned? What steps have they taken (either by introducing legislation, or by working cooperatively with Democrats) to help 51 percent of the population?

Again, I don't want this to be a pro-choice/pro-life debate. In fact, I want us to think outside the box. I am more than my womb. Although I personally have strong opinions, I want other topics to be raised, concerning women's equity and how the Republican party has acknowledged and taken steps to help women.

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