I've wondered about this topic for a long time, and I feel that if you have to look at all the other hair types-1 through 3. Don't they all have a "c" type. So why should the 4 type be any different? Andre Walker shouldn't be the final say because I believe he was a little biased toward our hair type (4)anyway. It's kinda like the periodic table of elements, when the elements were first being discovered scientists eventually began to know that because of atomic numbers, elements had to exist even though they weren't named yet. This is why you have people making videos that they are 'sick' of seeing only one type usually 3c/4a representing all naturals of type 4 hair. If so many people are saying 4c exists, why ignore their feelings about it? Because of what Andre Walker said? I was kinda disappointed when I came to this website and found that it only stops at 4b in the Curltalk. And no, it's not divisive as some might suggest hair typing might be, but I feel it shows more division when people pretend such a thing can never exist. Really?? Because we are dealing with type 4? Sure it just can't exist.