That's the definition of 4a...4a is smaller than pencil size to coffee stirrer size and smaller. The definition of 4B is hair that is fluffy with no curl pattern, even when stretched. All the number/letters have range so if you see ppl with bigger curls/coils, you might be the same hair type or they may have mistyped themselves. Have you seen the pen spring thread? Lots of 4as have pen springs.

The number/letters are only about curl circumference. Ppl who say they are 4C+ tend to cite their reasons being that they have no curl/coil whatsoever or their hair is "very nappy." How fine or coarse the hair is, is irrelevant. If there's no curl/coil pattern, its 4B.
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I get the A/B/C thing... I was just throwing coil size into the mix, because I think that it is just as important to care and styling as other characteristics.

The difference between a pencil diameter and a coffee stirrer diameter is huge, imo. And as such, I believe it calls for another category...5. I consider myself a 5C, since I have very small coils, with no definition, even soaking wet/with product. And even have to be careful with my twist outs.