I don't think we need another category but I'd be interested to hear a self identified 4C's explanataion of what it is. Good topic!
Also, IMO most hairdressers really don't know how to do 3c hair. Even less know how to do type 4 of any kind. So when they act like they should be overcharging you, I think that reflects more on their lack of training/skill than the alleged manageability of your hair. Just my 2 cents!
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"Alleged manageability" Love it!!

Nobody in my family has hair like mine so I started going to hair dressers very young. Part of my goal is to do my own hair. If I don't know how to take care of my own hair why should I expect someone else to know how to?

In terms of explanations: For me one of the factors that make me think that my hair is in another category is the dread factor. Maybe the curls are so small and shrunken they weave themselves together.

More moisture does not make the situation any better. In fact it can make it worse to the point of having to cut or tear my hair out to get it untangled. This happens very quickly so a deep condition with wet conditioner is not at all possible. Even with a pre-oiling.

When I read someone has to braid their hair in order to wash and condition it. And then must blow dry each braided section straight one at a time then I think "kindred head!" Even when I put my hair in braids to wash it, the bottom part will dread into the next section (I don't know how to braid very tightly). Maybe henna would have helped but it seemed like absolute folly to even attempt to put wet mud in my hair and leave it in for 4-9 hours. I would be one big tangled mess.

There is a patch of hair that I identify as being 4a but for the most part, my hair is more afro-textured than curly. I get no hang, and dreads not curls with most wet products. I can blowdry straight with a tooth attachment then bantu knot or twist to get curls otherwise I get dreads unless I keep it short.

Maybe there are other people out there with 4dread hair?
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