Personally, I apply products to soaking, but not dripping, wet hair. After rinsing out my condish I give it a scrunch or two before applying product. I've done it both ways and didn't notice any difference in the results- and I can't help shake the feeling that I'm losing more product when applied to dripping hair. Anyway, after I smooth on the product I flip upside down and scrunch a bit with my curlease towel. Then either clip my roots or plop...
Brooklyn, NY

Hair: 3A/B, Underlayer of 2B
HG products:
Winter- Giovanni Tea Tree (co-wash) & 50/50 (condish); Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Leave-In; Curls Milkshake & Quenched Curls; Re:coil; BRHG
Summer: DevaCurl No Poo & OneC; CK; Re:coil; BRHG; Honey!!!

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