Musical I agree your hair has transformed! I found the same thing happened, since becoming modified CG my hair has become at least twice as curly and much better looking overall.

I was actually complaining about my hair the other day, saying i needed a trim and this lady at work who i know but dont' really talk to on the reg, said, "oh Michelle, your hair always looks amazing, hush"

2b/3A/ Fine/Med Porosity (i think)
Mod CG
Currently Using:
Cleanser: Kathymack soap bars, Giovannie TTTT
Rinse Out: CJ Curl Theory, Aussie 3 Min Miracle, Giovanni 50:50, Jasmine's Shea, Sevi Pumpkin Seed
Leave Ins: Jasmines Babasu Buttercream, CJ CALI (HG), Jasmines Shea, CJ BCLI
Stylers: CJ CCCC-Lite, Komaza CHP, SS CEJ, CJ SG
Gels: CJ AF (HG), HEBE (HG)