Sounds like THEY need to relax!

I went to a convent school and the nuns HATED my hair. It was like that character in Jane Eyre where she has naturally curly hair so they cut it off. My mom cut it off till I was about 8, then gave me home perms in an effort to "control" it and then finally after a straight haired "pal" said with a look like "the patient is dying" -- "I don't know WHAT you're going to do about those CURLS" my mom resorted to straightening it chemically which made me the only little kid in school with split ends.

These days there's a girl at work who tells me she has thick "corkscrew curls" if she didn't straighten her hair -- and when I tell her I like my hair curly she says "You DO??!" Another girl has curly hair but straightens it sometimes and hates her curls too.

At my last job the first time the manager saw my hair curly she said it looked like I'd had a big chunk cut out of it. But then she had some pretty weird hairstyles, and another person who worked there said they preferred my hair curly.