My hair is just below chin length with side-swept bangs that are about nose-length when totally straight.

For the past month or so, I've been wearing my hair wavy--which is how it is naturally in the winter--and straightening my bangs. I like how it looks, but I am getting a little sick of it. It usually looks like this:

(That was taken on vacation in Florida, so it's a little curlier than usual).

Anyway, I just bought some re:coil, though, and whoa is my hair curly! (No pic yet...) I really like it curly, but I can't get my bangs to look right. They look kind of strange straightened with the rest very curly, but they don't curl on their own, either.

Any suggestions on how to get my bangs to be curly? Any pics from people who wear their bangs curly?