Wowsers! I thought that I was the "only" wavy hanging out here. (It does seem like it at times!) You guys are the best! And all that was mentioned here - we are NOT straight, we are NOT curly, hair behaves differently everday, etc... is so true! For the most part curly products do not work for me either! Gel just gums my hair together and makes it tangle something awful. I have found my HG shampoo and conditioners (yes conditionerS) - Aussie Moist Shampoo and a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of Aussie Moist Conditioner and Knot Forgotten. I am finally tangle free stepping out of the shower. It's the "after the shower" products that I am still searching for. Like others mentioned, I use a product for a few days thinking "aaahhhh finally", only to have it "turn" on me and make my hair look like junk. I too want a light touchable frizz-free hold! One that's not stinky like so many products! (With butt-length hair sometimes the smell is overpowering - not to mention that a lot of fragrances make my face break out!)

After reading all the recommendations here, I see a visit to Sally's in my future to get some generic PM the Cream! We need to lobby SOMEONE for more products just for wavies!
2a/bFiii 36ish???

My long wavy hair is a symbol of my individuality and belief in personal freedom!

Eat right, exercise, die anyways! :-)